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META: The Beginning of Metaverse

META: The Beginning of Metaverse

What is Metaverse Technology:

Let’s start with the idea of Facebook. When Facebook was created back then in 2004 the basic idea was to connect with friends and families through Facebook on the internet. Today we spend most of our time socializing on various social media platforms in the form of short videos, tweets, messages, live videos, and many other things. In today’s world, social media has become a source of entertainment, education, and information you get everything in social media so with this Facebook has decided to enhance your experience on Facebook by changing it to Meta. Meta is a whole new concept of creating a Metaverse combining both AR (Artificial Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies. This will bring up a whole new experience of social media and connecting with friends, family, and loved ones.


Why Meta?

Meta is a short form of Metaverse which means a virtual reality space through which a user can interact with one another virtually and also can do any type of activity virtually with the help of Meta software. As we see in today’s world social media plays an important role in a particular person’s life and we can’t imagine our lives without it. So the idea is very simple that when we hear the name social media the first thing that strikes our mind is Facebook. Since Facebook acquired other social media platforms also like What’s app and Instagram the company is identified as a social media giant. But to break this myth and to show the vision of the company founder Mark Zukerberg thought to bring the company under a single umbrella which will describe the vision and mission of the company in upcoming years. This is how meta came into effect.

Why Meta Information

Meta Technologies:

The Products which Meta is bringing to enhance the experience of its consumers are:


Oculus is the product of modern VR technology that enhances the user experience of viewing the virtual world. Meta is trying to create different Products which can be helped in different ways like:




Meta is working in this field to give a whole lot of new experiences in the gaming field. In fact, it created some games where you can feel the gaming world.


oculus gaming

Horizon Workrooms:

As time is changing our work culture and workspace are also changing and this pandemic has thought us so many new things and ideas about working from anywhere. With this keeping in mind, Meta is developing Horizon Workroom through which you can feel like working at the office though if you are at your home.


Horizon workroom

This is surely not going to stop here, Meta is trying very hard to enhance the technology and incorporate new features in it.

Spark AR Studio:

Spark AR studio is an Augmented Reality software where users can create their own AR visual without any experience. This was launched previously for mobile for use and creating videos on Instagram, but now Meta is bringing it for windows and Mac. This will be very helpful to the creators in creating videos with these  AR effects. Meta is continuously working on this to enhance the experience of the user which we will see in the coming years.

Spark AR

Smart Glass:

Meta’s Ray Bun Smart glass is a first-gen smart glass designed to connect and capture this world with a single touch. The glass is designed in a way that you can capture photos and videos, record audio, listen to music, and also can answer a phone call. All these things will be connected and stored in your phone securely. Meta is also working on it to bring more features to it because smart glass is the technology of feature.

Ray Bun Glasses

There is much more in Meta if want to know more about it you can visit the website: for more information and also do like our page for more such content.

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